The Vegetarian Me

A Short Description of Vegetarian Benefits

Here's what I tell people who ask about being vegetarian. I put it here so I can say that will answer them.

What a Vegetarian Eats

We eat fruits and vegetables, grains and beans, nuts and seeds.

Some of us also eat milk and eggs.

What a Vegetarian Avoids

We don't eat animals.

Some of us don't eat animal products either.

Reasons to be Vegetarian

  1. Better for You

    In countries around the world where people eat a mostly vegetarian diet, they have less heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and cholesterol. At best, meat is hard to digest and lacks things we need, but meat we buy contains antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and diseases.

    If your concern is protein, here's information you probably have not seen.
    If your concern is vitamin B12, here's what to do.

  2. Better for the Environment

    Production of meat uses about ten times the resources (fuel, water, land) of vegetable production and causes about ten times the environmental damage (pollution, global warming, species extinction). Meat production is one of the top users of these resources and one of the top causes of this damage.

Pick above to watch (in English) and pick here and here and here to learn more.

  • Less Cruelty to Animals

    Does it matter? Consider this.